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Online Computational Stereo Vision - last updated 18/12/2015

Choose types and upload stereo images, select from the following input types:

Need help ? Go to 'Instructions' tab
Upload left/right images
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Upload combined image
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Upload anaglyph image
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Upload .MPO .PNS .JPS
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Upload stereogram image

Required image rectification:
(*) Horizontal alignment of the image pair
Stereo matching algorithm:
Choose one
Force Dispary Range:
(*) Force depthmap to result N depth levels
minimum disparity:
(*) Negative value is allowed
maximum disparity:
(*) Positive value only
Disparity scale:
(*) Positive value only and 1 is for auto scale
Smoothing value:
(*) Positive value only and less than 50, ie: 1 2 3...
Resize large images to:
pixels (the larger, the slower)
Average waiting time: ?? ± ?? seconds excluding upload and download time!
or Reset
  • File allowed: JPG, JPEG, PNG, PPM, MPO, large images will be automatically resized to the above width.
  • If you only change parameters, click Submit again to re-calculate the result.
  • Click here to access the gallery page, or check our demo page.

Below is the previously processed dataset, hover over to see its 3D scene.
Processed parameters: width 579 px, height 600 px, min disparity -21 px, max disparity 21 px, disparity map is re-scaled to 256 levels.
Click to view it in an external page?
Open in WebVR


Processed inputs: Resized left image, Resized right image, Left rectified image, Right rectified image,

Disparity-map/Depth-map: Rectified Left Disparity Map, Left Image Disparity Map, Grey Depth Map, Colour Depth Map, Shared Combined Results

Optical views: Anaglyph, Cross Eyed Side-by-side, Parallel Eyed Side-by-side, AutoStereogram

Alias Wavefront’s OBJ files: Model.obj, Model.mtl, Model.jpg
(Notice: you need to download all these three files to have a 3D model with texture, use GLC Player to view)

Other Parameters: Fundamental Matrix, Disparity Range Parameters, Left/Right Correspondences,