3DCVIA 2015

First 3D Computer Vision and Image Analysis Workshop 2015

July 8 - July 10, 2015, Rennes, France

Program Committee

Programme Committee Organisation Country
Ababou, Rachel St Cyr Coetquidan France
Babel, Marie INSA de Rennes France
Chen, Chia-Yen NUK Taiwan
Clausse, Thierry 3E Performance France
Delmas, Patrice Auckland University New Zealand
Gastelum, Alfonso National Autonomous University of Mexico Mexico
Gimel'farb, Georgy Auckland University New Zealand
Dominique, Houzet IETR France
Jean, Motch St Cyr France
Krueger, Matthias Auckland University New Zealand
Leclercq, Philippe EPO Germany
Luce, Morin IETR France
Marquez, Jorge Alberto CCADET UNAM Mexico
Nezan, Jean-Francois INSA de Rennes France
Nguyen, Minh Auckland University of Technology New Zealand
Pressigout, Muriel IETR France
Woodward, Alexander Tokyo University Japan
Mazure, Marie-Laurence Universite Joseph Fourier France
Peyré, Gabriel Ceremade, Paris-Dauphine France
Bergeon, Yves St Cyr France
Witkowski, Olaf University of Tokyo Japan

Important Dates:

  • 20th May 2015 - Deadline for submissions
  • 31th May 2015 - Notification of acceptance
  • 8th June 2015 - Final Registration
  • 15th June 2015 - Final papers due
  • 8th July - 10th July: Conference Date


3DCVIA 2015 Convenors